Voting in Council Elections

By voting, you can help to influence what sort of place your community will be. It is about your future so vote for the representative(s) you want. Talk to other people you know and encourage them to vote too

 Voting in Local Government Council elections is about voting for who decides about some key things that happen in your local community. The people who get elected to the Council will help to decide what happens locally – for now and into the future. Each candidate standing for election to the Council is likely to have different views about what should happen in your local community, find out what they are to help you work out who you want to vote for. 

 A profile of each candidate will be posted to you with your postal voting papers. You can also contact the candidates and talk to them about what they want for the area and why they want to be elected. You may decide that some candidates will be better at representing you than others.




When and How to Vote in a Council Election?

Voting in Council Elections is all conducted by Postal Ballot. A kit of information which contains ballot papers and how to vote instructions is distributed by post to all registered voters. These ballot papers must then be completed and returned to the Returning Officer by a specified date.

Who Can Vote

To be eligible to vote in the Council elections you must be registered on the Councils voters roll.

Residents (including tenants) over the age of 18 who are on the State electoral roll and residents, property owners or occupiers who pay Council rates need to ensure they are enrolled on the Council's voters roll. (see Enrolling to Vote).

How the Elections Work

All Local Government elections are conducted using the counting system known as proportional representation. In summary, a candidate is elected when a quota or predetermined proportion of the total number of formal ballot papers cast is obtained.

To experience visually how this and other voting systems work visit the Electoral Commission of SA's excellent website visit ECSA website and go to the section marked "How Your Vote Counts" (This is well worth a visit!)


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