Kalbeeba Infill Investigations Study


Background to study

Parts of Kalbeeba and Concordia, together with land at Gawler East on the south side of Calton Road, were included in the State Government's urban boundary in 2007.  Since then the Gawler East area has been rezoned and is now being developed as “Springwood”.  

Following the urban boundary change and the Gawler East rezoning, Council has received requests from various owners in the area to either rezone their land or to review existing rural living policies to allow smaller lots.  As a result, Council has now commenced the “Kalbeeba Infill Investigations” study to investigate the potential for infill development within the rural living precinct (referred to as “Precinct 26 Kalbeeba West” in The Barossa Council Development Plan) as well as development opportunities within adjoining Primary Production zoned land to the east.  The map attached below shows the study area (purple dashed line) overlaid with existing zoning: 

Kalbeeba Study Area Map.docx

 Any policy changes recommended by the study would need to be implemented through an additional, separate formal Development Plan Amendment process.  However Council has been advised by the Minister for Planning that it would be premature to implement any specific zone policy changes while another unrelated, structure planning project for Concordia is being undertaken by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. That project will involve high level conceptual/spatial planning whereas Council’s study will be very detailed.

A short video explains the study in more detail:

Kalbeeba Infill Investigation Video

Project stages and timing

The project stages and anticipated timing are:

  • Stage 1:  Information gathering and analysis (November-December 2014).  This will include personal discussions with interested land owners within the study area.
  • Stage 2:  Initial overview of opportunities and constraints (November-December 2014).  This will include a public information session.
  • Stage 3:  Draft strategy preparation (January/February 2015) and informal consultation (March-April 2015) on the draft strategy.
  • Stage 4:  Final strategy and implementation (April-May 2015).

If the investigations support changes to the planning policies for the area, the Development Plan Amendment process would not be expected to occur until at least May 2015, running through to around October 2015.

Further information

For further details regarding the Kalbeeba Infill Investigations Study: