Public Notices

Development Applications on Public Notification

The following applications have been categorised as Category 3 which requires notification to adjoining property owners and advertising public notification, in accordance with Schedule 9 of the Development Regulations 2008.

Category 3 Development

960/159/2020 - Benham, 2 Johannes Street Springton - Demolition of carport attached to the existing garage, and additional small outbuildings; Construction of two short term tourist accommodation units (each measuring 4.8m x 6.328m x 3.6m max height)

Category 3 – Non-Complying Development

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Category 2 Development

960/148/2020 - Ahrens Group, 67 Basedow Road Tanunda - Construction of a replacement entry canopy to an existing building Warehouse 1; Construction of an additional warehouse tenancy, attached to an existing building Warehouse 2 (155.5sqm additional warehouse area & construction of two entry canopies); Construction of 24 additional self storage units attached to three exiting self storage sheds; Construction of a new storage building (671.4sqm) containing six storage tenancies


PLEASE NOTE:  The application details (plans etc) can only be viewed at Council’s Principal Office, 43-51 Tanunda Road, Nuriootpa.  Should you wish to obtain copies of these plans, then proof of identity is required in accordance with Regulation 34 of the Development Regulations 2008 and a fee is also payable for documentation requested.

A Statement of Representation Form is attached if you decide to make a representation.

Statement of Representation Form