Community Wastewater Management System - CWMS

Council operates a Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) within the townships of Angaston (Penrice only), Lyndoch, Mount Pleasant, Nuriootpa, Springton, Stockwell, Tanunda and Williamstown.

All septic tanks installed on properties within these townships must have a connection to the CWMS.

Businesses operating within these townships must apply for a Trade Waste Connection to the CWMS.

CWMS 24hr EMERGENCY : Ph 8563 8444

Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) - Fact Sheet

Caring for your Septic Tank

Property Owners:

CWMS - Connection / Augmentation Charge

CWMS - Single Connection Addition Process

CWMS - Single Property Pumped Connection - Pressure Connection Point

CWMS - Single Property Pumped Connection - (via Boundary Gravity Connection Point)

CWMS - Connection Policy

CWMS Extension / Addition - Application Form:

Application for Construction or Modification on Council Property. 

Business Operators:

CWMS - Trade Waste Discharge Information - Fact Sheet

CWMS - Trade Waste Discharge - Application Form 

As part of the services included within the annual rates, The Barossa Council will arrange for a contractor to desludge the septic tank.

This ensures the effective operation of the septic tank and maintains the efficient operation of the CWMS. This will occur once every four years (maximum). Dependant on the size / requirements of your system.

Property owners are requested to ensure that the inspection covers, provided on the septic tank, are raised to ground level and are available and open to contractors immediately prior to desludging.

Council's contractor will provide advance notice of the required service.


The Barossa Council is licensed under Part 4 of the Water Industry Act 2012 (SA) to provide sewerage services at Mount Pleasant, Williamstown, Lyndoch, Tanunda, Nuriootpa, Springton and Stockwell.

Specifically the operation of a Community Wastewater Management System and associated infrastructure to residential and non-residential customers.

The Barossa Council is licensed under Part 4 of the Water Industry Act 2012 (SA) to provide water services within the boundaries of The Barossa Council and associated infrastructure to residential and non-residential customers.

Follow this link for further information regarding the industry code:

The Water Industry Act 2012 (SA) requires that Council in conjunction with its customers create a Customer Charter.

The Customer Charter is available here.

What regulated retail services are currently offered by The Barossa Council?

Sewerage collection and treatment via Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS).

Non Drinking non-residential water supply from treated effluent received into the Community Wastewater Management System.

How has Council’s CWMS Pricing Policy (fees and charges) been developed?

All sewerage billing and prices are incorporated on your Council rates notice as a separate line item.

Consideration is given to limit the total rates and CWMS rates increase to agreed levels as determined by Elected Members.

The price increase is determined by operational costs and a 10 Year Capital Works Plan.   

All water prices are based on contracted agreed costs per KL with a CPI annual increase.

Please refer to the CWMS section on the Fees and Charges Register. The Barossa Council - Fees and Charges

Please refer to The Barossa Council Hardship Policy and contact our CWMS team if you are having difficulties with payments on 8563 8444.

Supplementary Hardship for Residential Water Service Customers Policy

Review of Decisions

As part of Council’s commitment to open, responsive and accountable government, it provides the framework below where parties adversely affected by a decision of Council or its delegates can have their grievances considered in a fair and consistent way.  InternalReview of Decisions 

Further information can also be found by contacting the Energy and Water Ombudsman.