Kerbside Recycling

Dwelling owners located within all townships and in the majority of rural locations throughout the area receive a fortnightly 240 litre wheelie bin kerbside recycling service.


New Services & Information

Requests for new services can be made by contacting The Barossa Council on (08) 8563 8444.

For general information please contact Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA) on Freecall 1800 111 004 or (08) 8259 2100 to obtain copies of waste collection calendars and for any other information relating to the services provided by Council. 

It is important to avoid the contamination of suitable recycling materials to ensure that they can be further processed for reuse. Calendars are available for all collection zones to assist dwelling owners to identify collection days. Recycling collection services are also available to non – residential property owners on request.



Materials suitable for recycling collection

Paper and Cardboard 

  • Newspaper, magazines, cardboard boxes, egg cartons, junkmail, telephone books.


  • All glass bottles and jars of any colour but not plate glass, crockery or china (remove all lids; avoid breakages).

Aluminum and Steel Cans

  • Drink and food cans, and aerosol cans.  Wash steel cans and their lids to remove food particles and residue.

Milk and Juice Cartons

  • All milk and juice cartons, rinse, flatten and insert into an open carton.

Plastic Containers

  • All plastic containers.  No plastic bags or clingwrap.

Please do not place any of the above materials out for collection contained in a plastic shopping bag.


Materials not suitable for recycling collection

  • Ceramics (Crockery, terracotta, broken glass)
  • Garden and household wastes
  • Plastic bags and food wraps
  • Oil, acids and other chemicals
  • Clothing
  • Hard materials (Concrete, rocks, bricks, timber)
  • Batteries

Recycle Right

Green Industries SA and KESAB environmental solutions have partnered to deliver a new service which assists householders by providing localised and responsive answers to recycling and waste management questions.

The Recycle Right website can be accessed here 

Sustain Me - is a youth social enterprise that has developed the Sustain Me app - a free tool, available from Google Play and the App Store.  

While at university, two students came up with a plan to answer people's recycling questions through a free mobile application, Sustain Me, which was launched nationally in March 2016.

The app allows people to put their address into the phone to get locally relevant information.  This would enable the provision of extensive information on what products can be recycled, how much the user had recycled so far, and can also be used as a reminder to put the bin out through the use of an alarm.

Sustain Me - Free Recycling App. Details  can be accessed here