Industrial & Commercial Waste

The proprietors of all waste producing industrial and commercial premises have a general "duty of care" to ensure that any waste material generated as result of their activity is managed, treated and disposed of in a manner that will not impact on the environment. Council does not provide a collection and disposal service for such waste but does for domestic waste, details of which can be found here.

Council's Planners and Environmental Health Officers have the responsibility to ensure that adequate provision is made for the temporary storage, treatment and disposal of waste material. Such waste material may comprise of food processing/winery waste, commercial packaging and/or waste generated by primary industries.

The following Acts of Parliament are administered by Council for the purpose:

  • Public and Environmental Health Act
  • Development Act
  • Environmental Protection Act
  • Natural Resources Management Act
  • Local Government Act

Further Information & Enquiries

All enquiries regarding the treatment and disposal of such waste material should be referred to the Environmental Services team on (08) 8563 8444.