Committee Member Knowledge Bank - WHS

What is the best way to ensure that our members, volunteers and workers are safe? 

Members and caretakers of Committees are legally required to understand and utilise the following tools. By considering and completing the templates as required, you can do your bit to ensure that you are contributing to your community in a safe way. These tools assist with the reduction of both the frequency and severity of injuries.

Incident Report

Use the Incident Report Form to notify of property damage, a process issue, near miss incident, personal injury, financial incident or environmental incident, ie major spill. Please forward to Manager Administrative Services.

Hazard Report

Use the Hazard Report Form to notify of any potential problem. Please forward to Manager Administrative Services.

New Equipment - Risk Assessment

Step one for introducing new equipment to your committee facility through purchase or hire. Please complete Equipment Risk Assessment prior to entering into purchase.

Activity - Safe Work Instruction

Is the template for use when performing an activity. eg. gardening. Please contact Manager Administrative Services for assistance with this form

New service - pre-qulification of contractor or volunteer

Pre-qualification checklist