Economic Development and Business Support

RDA Barossa is a regionally based, not for profit organisation that supports regional economic development and jobs growth. They offer assistance for business invement, advocacy and business case development for regional infrastructure, career development and skills training access.

Regional Development Australia Barossa (RDAB) is a partnership between the Australian, South Australian and local government, including The Barossa Council to develop and strengthen the Barossa regional community. These three levels of government have invested in RDAB to deliver economic development services in the Barossa region. RDA Barossa staff have strong networks across government and experience in working with various government agencies and programs. They also, importantly, have extensive private sector experience and knowledge in developing business plans and initiatives to drive growth.

If you are an individual, or business, seeking career advice and information, Regional Development Australia - Barossa offer a number of great initiatives including:

Barossa Career Service 

The Barossa Career Service (BCS) aims to help people enhance their career opportunities by providing assistance (usually at no cost to the individual) with the job selection process, career planning and training. Barossa Career Service are particularly keen to link up with people who are out of school, out of work and out of training; we can assist people who are unemployed or underemployed (i.e. casual, part-time) or seeking a career change. Their objective is to help people to be ready for work and to increase their opportunities to obtain jobs within our region. 

B2B Network 

RDA Barossa has developed a Business-To-Business Program connecting people, businesses, opportunities and specialist knowledge. This program is simple. For a small co-payment of $50 you will recieve a three-hour consultation between a skilled service provider and a business seeking help. The service provider contributes one hour of their time and RDA contributes the remaining two hours. Following this introductory session, if further work is needed then this can be discussed independently between the two participating businesses.